Cobots can achieve more consistent gluing results than average human workers. With Dobot’s proprietary motion algorithm, our cobots can operate at high speed and with accuracy in curve paths to ensure the consistency of gluing quality. Dobot’s cobots are 3 times more efficient at gluing than traditional labors. Our user friendly cobots also occupy less space and have greatly reduced deloyment time and manufacturing costs for our partners.

Consistent Trajectory Path for Coherent Quality

Dobot’s leading TrueMotion algorithm optimizes cobot’s performance, having ±0.05mm trajectory accuracy and consistent speed even in non-linear motion to ensure consistent gluing quality. Our cobots are ideal for gluing tasks from consumer electronics to automotive manufacturing.

Deloy with Ease. Ideal for Flexible Production

Compared to traditional robots, cobots are lighter and occupy less space. Users need not redesign existing production line and can quickly deploy cobots to gluing tasks with plug and play modules. By choosing cobots, users avoid long downtime while increase efficiency. Cobots are indeal for mass and flexible productions.

Reduce Training Time with Intuitive Software

Dobot cobots are easy to operate and do not require engineers. Deployment phase is reduced by 80% compared to traditional industrial robots. Gluing tasks can be programmed via drag to teach and simple graphical user interface. Easily switch over to using cobots to save costs and improve production efficiency.