Consumer Electronics

Electronics are increasingly more complicated and difficult for labors to assemble efficiently with satisfactory results. Automation is the solution. But traditional automation solutions lack flexibility and are not suitable for flexible production, making them less than ideal.

Dobot’s cobots have a payload range between 3 to 20 kg and 0.02 mm repeatability to satisfy the requirements for electronics assembly. With plug-and-play accessories and drag-to-teach programming, our cobots save on deployment time to maximize efficiency. Dobot is proud to serve Luxshare, BYD, Foxconn, Wingtech and Omron among many other top tier clients in the industry.

Advantages of Collaborative Robots

Better Consistency

Advanced vibration supression and DH compensation algorithms ensure Dobot’s cobots high performance that results in consistent quality in products produced.

Flexible Production

Dobot+ ecosystem offers a wide range of plug-and-play accessories from our partners to enable endless expandability to our robots for quick redeployment to various tasks.

Higher Efficiency

Compared to manual labor, cobots can operate at higher speed and efficiency for longer periods of time, offering competitive advantages to busineses.

Recommended Robots

Choose the robot with the payload and working radius that best fits your needs for optimal results.