• DOBOT Coordinate board

    Starting point for your Robotics Lessons
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  • Why the Coordinate Board?

    Discover more about robot axes and movements

    Learn all possible movements of the DOBOT Magician and describe grippers by using. the coordinate system. Work on models with which the robotic arm must move arms, joints and grippers to get into a state that allows it to fulfill its task.

    How can the robot arm be positioned to grab and move a certain object?

  • Free course material

    Who can share can also multiply

    Publicly accessible instructions and assignments. Sharing knowledge = acquiring knowledge; we have an open source vision when it comes to sharing teaching materials.

    You can here free, in-house developed, download teaching materials and thus easily enter the world of Robotics. Education.

  • Result-oriented Learning

    Where can I find myself?

    With sophisticated lessons around the coordinate board pupils and students can develop into better problem solvers, creative and critical thinkers; skills needed in business, but also a contribution to general and intellectual development.

  • Broad Participation

    Suitable assignments for everyone

    Each assignment can be carried out at different levels. The lessons around the coordinate board are suitable for pupils and students from different study programs. The teaching material offers both the basics and the floor, making adaptation possible at every level; from first introduction to real programming. The coordinate board is supplied with a 3D printed train (incl. Drawings for reproduction), handouts and digital material.

  • Not Unconventional

    Knowledge is powerful. Cooperation powerful.

    We learn with and from each other. Making choices is sometimes difficult, especially when it comes to your future. Courses must offer options and students must be able to choose, but how do you know what suits you? Collaboration during Robotics projects allows students from different disciplines to take a look at each other’s kitchen and work together towards a common goal.

  • Coördinatenbord

  • Blocks

    Square cubes (3x)
    40 x 40 mm
  • Train

    Rectangle large (1x)
    50 x 130 mm
    Small rectangle (1x)
    40 x 120 mm
    Cabin (1x)
    Roof (1x)
    50 x 55 mm
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DOBOT Coordinate board

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