DOBOT Magician – Advanced

  • DOBOT Magician – Advanced

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    DOBOT Magician Advanced is a multifunctional desktop Robot Arm perfect for Strong Technology Education (STO).

    DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit

    A conveyor belt with adjustable speed. Equipped with optical switch and color sensor. Combined with the DOBOT Magician a very realistic simulated production line.

    DOBOT Sliding Rail Kit

    With the sliding rail, the horizontal workspace of DOBOT Magician can be expanded by 1 meter. Picking and placing over long distances, as well as extensive laser engraving, writing and drawing options.

    DOBOT Robot Vision Kit II

    DOBOT Robot Vision Kit II provides a software and hardware platform based on visual development. With the advantages of numerous functions, stable performance and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of visual applications. This includes visual positioning, measurement, detection and recognition.

    DOBOT Coordinate board

    The DOBOT Coordinate board can optionally be supplied with, among other things, a 3D printed train (including drawings for reproduction), handouts and digital material.

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  • Finally a robot arm for a wide audience

    Technical all-rounder in handy desktop format. Packaged in an orderly storage box, this is extremely suitable for frequent use.

    • Management

      PC, smartphone, gesture & voice control. Even brain waves can control the DOBOT Magician.

    • Manual programming

      The most intuitive learning function for direct interaction.

    • Quick chuck

      With the handy quick-change chuck you can easily change functions.

    • Operating software

      DobotStudio has many functions, but controlling the robot arm is simple.

  • Precision Laser

    DOBOT Magician supports .bmp, .svg and .dxf extensions. With 0.2mm precision you can make sleek laser engravings in leather and wood.

  • Developments and progress

    Endless possibilities, fast deployability. Evolution!

    Plenty of inputs

    13 expansion ports, 1 programmable shortcut and 2 MB offline storage space brings endless possibilities for developers.

    Visual programming

    DOBOT Blockly programming software

    With this you have graphically displayed programming language.

    Industry / Education / Retail

    Easy and quick to use, affordable in maintenance …

    A very cost-effective solution for institutions and companies.

    3D Printing

  • Focus on the future

    One robot with many applications improves the cooperation between man and machine;

    Education technology has never been so fascinating.

    • Classroom

      Mechanics, electronics, programming, design ... Knowledge enriches life!

    • At the office

      Smart, fun, reliable and fits any desktop. A real eye catcher!

    • In the workshop

      Easy to learn and user friendly. Enjoy more efficiency.

    • In the industry

      Fast installation, easy maintenance, the cost-effective solution for the production line.

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  • Specifications

    Number of Axis
    Max. Reach
    Position Repeatability(Control)
    0.2 mm
    USB / WIFI / Bluetooth
    Power Supply
    100 V - 240 V , 50/60 HZ
    Power In
    12 V / 7A DC
    60W Max
    Working Temperature
    -10°C - 60°C
  • Axis Movement

    Max Speed (250g workload)
    Joint 1 base
    -90° to + 90°
    320° / s
    Joint 2 rear arm
    0° to +85°
    320° / s
    Joint 3 forearm
    -10° to +95°
    320° / s
    Joint 4 rotation servo
    +90° to -90°
    480° / s
  • Physical

    Net Weight
    Gross weight ( Standard Version)
    Gross weight ( Education Version)
    Base Dimension(Footprint)
    158mm × 158mm
    Aluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
    Dobot Integrated Controller
    Robot Mounting
    Packing Size (L × W × H)
    330mm x 325mm x 410mm
    Carton Size for Standard Version (L × W × H)
    380mm x 385mm x 480mm
    Carton Size for Education Version (L × W × H)
    380mm x 385mm x 480mm
  • Applications

    DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, DobotBlockly (Visual Programing editor)
    SDK ( Software Develop Kit )
    Communication Protocol, Dobot Program Library
    Extensible I/O Interfaces
    1. I/O × 10 (Configurable as Analog Input or PWM Output)
    2. Controllable 12V Power output × 4
    3. Communication Interface (UART, Reset, Stop, 12V, 5V and two I/O included)
    4. Stepper × 2
  • Endeffectors

    3D Printer Kit
    Maximum Print Size (L × W × H)
    150 mm ×150 mm × 150mm (MAX)
    3D printing material
    Laser *
    Power Consumption
    405nm ( Blue laser )
    12V , TTL trigger ( With PWM Driver )
    Pen Holder
    Pen Diameter
    Vacuum Suction Cup
    Suction Cup Diameter
    -35 Kpa
    Drive Type
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DOBOT Magician – Advanced

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