• DOBOT Sliding Rail Kit Shipping list

    • Sliding Rail

    • Tools

    • Cable set

    • Mounting accessories

    • Assembly instruction

    • The package contains: the sliding rail, tools, a cable set, mounting accessories and the mounting instruction.
  • Specifications

    Load capacity
    5 kg
    Effective travel distance
    1000 mm
    Maximum speed
    150 mm/s
    Maximum acceleration
    150 mm/s²
    Repeat positioning accuracy
    0.01 mm
    Absolute positioning accuracy
    0.25 mm
    Net weight in kg
    4.7 kg
    Weight (including packaging) in kg
    7.23 kg
    Dimensions (length x width x height) in mm
    1320 mm × 120 mm × 55 mm
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DOBOT Sliding Rail Kit

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