GlambotApp Solution (iOS)

  • GlambotApp Solution (iOS)

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    DOBOT Nova 5

    The DOBOT Nova 5 is a versatile entry-level cobot suitable for 1001 tasks. Retail, Catering, Vending Machines, but of course also for: Educational applications

    Glambot App subscription - 3 months (2 iOS devices) (included)

    GlambotApp subscription - 3 months (2 iOS devices)

    GlamBot SwayLine Stand

    GlamBot SwayLine Stand is a well-designed stable base for your GlamBot and consists of 2 easy to assemble parts: the base plate and the column including the mounting plate for the Nova-5.

    GlamBot SwayLine trolley

    GlamBot Swayline mobile base

    You can easily and smoothly move this trolley from one room to another and you can arrange the column completely as you wish, after which you can close it neatly and tightly with the supplied rubber cover strip.

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  • GlambotApp Solution incl. free shipping in the EU

    Available on iPhone and iPad and dedicated to the DOBOT Nova 5 Glambot

    The Glambot app can also control video systems with multiple cameras. It allows you to record a slow motion video from multiple GoPros and mix and match them into a viral video.