Of all the value that is generated in the semiconductor industry 46% comes from the manufacturing stage, in which advanced automation systems play a key role.

Cleanliness is critical aspect of automation in this industry. Dobot’s robots meet this requirement, have 22 safety features, and pass the ISO 13849-1 (PL=d, CAT 3), ISO10218-1, ISO/TS 15066, CR, CE, NRTL, KC, FCC, RCM and more certificaitons. Our robots together with AMRs from our ecosystem partners can automate a range of tasks within the industry to improve efficiency, quality, consistency and competitive advantages for our clients.

Advantages of Collaborative Robots


With drag-to-teach, train robots by directly moving the robotic arm through desired paths. Save on deployment time to meet the demands of flexible production.


Consistent high performance of robots is ideal for the high production pace of the semiconductor industry.


Collaborative robots meet the demand of small batch productions as they can be easily reprogrammed and redeployed.

Recommended Robots

Choose the robot with the payload and working radius that best fits your needs for optimal results.