Loading and Unloading

Improve loading and unloading efficiency with collaborative robots. Compared to traditional devices, cobots are more flexible and can be deployed faster. With intuitive programming and plug-and-play accessories, our cobots can easily integrate into existing assembly lines at various loading stations. Reprogram cobots with ease to take on new roles to satisfy the needs of flexible production.

Built for performance and accuracy

With repeatability of ±0.02mm, multiple Dobot cobots can work together seamlessly in precision machining scenarios to achieve 99% or higher standardized production yield. Max speed of 4 m/s to improve transportation efficiency of components by 20% to 40%.

Flexible deployment

Plug-and-play grippers reduce deployment complexity. Compared to traditional automation, cobots can be taught with hand guiding or graphical programming to reduce set up time by up to 80%. Have cobots ready for loading and unloading tasks in under 1 hour. 30% time saved on transition period when reprogramming cobots to take on new tasks. Dobot’s robots allow for the manufacturing of a variety of products in a single assembly line.

Cost effective

One cobot can perform single or multiple loading tasks, equivalent of at least 2 trained workers. Switch to cobots and recoup capital expenditure in 6 to 12 months, while reducing operating costs and mitigating labor shortage.