DH-Robotics PGS-5-5 Gripper

  • DH Robotics PGS-5-5

    Gripper for DOBOT MG400

    • Integrated design
    • Adjustable parameters
    • Fingertips can be replaced
    • IP40
    • CE certification
    • FCC certification
    • RoHs certification
  • DH Robotics PGS-5-5 Gripper

    The PGS series is a miniature electromagnetic gripper with a high operating frequency. Based on a split design, the PGS series can be applied in a space-constrained environment with the ultimate in compact size and easy configuration.


    Small Size
    Compact size with 20×26 mm, it can be deployed in a relatively small environment.

    High Frequency
    The opening/closing time could reach 0.03s to meet the needs of fast grasping.


    Easy to Use
    The configuration is simple with the Digital I/O communication protocol.


    1. Front and rear installation: use front and rear screw holes for installation
    2. Bottom installation: use bottom screw holes for installation

    Technical Drawings

  • Specifications

    Gripping force (per jaw)
    3.5-5 N
    5 mm
    Recommended workpiece weight
    0.05 kg
    Opening/Closing time
    0.03 s /0.03 s
    Repeat accuracy (position)
    ± 0.01 mm
    Noise emission
    < 50 dB
    0.2 kg
    Driving method
    Wedge cam
    68.5 mm x 26 mm x 20 mm
    Communication interface
    Digital I/O
    Rated voltage
    24 V DC ± 10%
    Rated current
    0.1 A
    Peak current
    3 A
    IP class
    IP 40
    Recommended environment
    0~40°C, under 85% RH
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DH-Robotics PGS-5-5 Gripper

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