Cobots can operate at high speed with precision, these characteristics are especially useful in insertion tasks. Compared to manual labor, cobots can perform at 2x efficiency with 99% accuracy. Cobots can be flexibly deployed into production lines and effortlessly work with odd-form components, filling the gap of traditional insertion machines.

More Than Double the Efficiency in Precision Insertion Tasks

Dobot’s cobots have impressive repeatability of 0.02 mm, far exceeding the performance of average manual labor. They can easily handle delicate components and perform PCB assembly tasks at twice the efficiency of traditional labor with 99% yield. Automated manufacturing processes using cobots solve pain points that result from manual labor, including low efficiency, low yield, and high cost.

Insertion of Odd-form Components

Cobots with self adapting technologies are especially useful when it comes to working with odd-form components. They can easily grab and insert components of any shape or form, which is not possible with standard insertion machines. Cobots are capable of performing various insertion tasks, making them ideal for manufacturing upgrades.

Space Saving Desktop Robots

Among Dobot’s product line up, desktop grade robots are ideal for insertion tasks. They occupy less than 20 mm² and can easily be deployed into existing electronics manufacturing lines. Switch to our robots to make better use of exising space and cut operating costs.