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  • Raoel Jörissen and

    Finally, there you are!
    We are already waiting for you, but we are patient …

    … since 2017 when we started actively promoting DOBOT Robotics, but actually for much longer …

    A short proposal round: my name is Raoel Jörissen and I have been working in the education market since 2007. Not in front of the classroom and not working at the schools themselves, but as a project advisor and (in a relatively new phenomenon at that time) digital whiteboard specialist. In the period 2007-2012 I had a wonderful time at Reinders Oisterwijk and learned something fundamental:

    “The biggest lesson I have learned here is that in a changing market you should not respond, but should govern with Vision.”

    During this period, the projectors, annoyingly blinding your eyes from the ceiling, were replaced by ultra short throw models and the first large-format touch screens entered the classrooms. Because of their ease of use and maintenance, these were embraced en masse within education. Something the IWB specialists had seen coming.

    Interim score: IWB vs. touch screens: 0 – 1

    “Poor preparation, disappointing automation processes, the continuous pressure of ongoing operations and a loss-making company have resulted in it being forced to be taken over by the largest competitor.”

    Partly due to the explosive sales of IWBs at that time, the total company size had grown so enormously that the warehouse had to be automated. Unfortunately, this was far from smooth sailing and ultimately took more than 2 years.

    Final score: Reinders Oisterwijk vs. Heutink: 0 – 2

    How could that happen? Nobody could have imagined that something like that could ever happen. Well, nobody …

    This is a practical example of acting too late in a society where technological developments follow at a rapid pace. A society in which we can have simple actions and complicated processes carried out easily and efficiently by robots.

    But when do we start with this?

    A timely introduction by pupils and students, but also researchers and companies can prevent a lot of suffering. No, this is not a scare tactic but an unsatisfactory fact that we have to take the lead in this or give up the profit.

    With we focus on the social need to develop a broad basic knowledge of Robotics within education and beyond. Our customers range from Practical Education to the Universities, from small companies that want to automate simple operations to international production companies that want to test pre-production lines. Very often students are used for this.

    And here it is for; a better connection between the schools and the business community. Opportunities on the labor market through self-development.

    DOBOT Robotics is the real deal. When will you start?


    With foresight, Raoel

  • Jorg Duitsman

    Hello to all fanatics in Education, Technology and Maker Education. Here a little bit about myself. My name is Jorg Duitsman and I was born in 1974; now 45 years young and 21 of these 45 years active in education.

    In 1998 my teaching career started as a technical teacher at De Waalstroom in Tiel. In 1999 I continued this work at the Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven. In the early years I taught the subject of Technology to the lower classes HAVO and VWO, where I have developed over the years into a full-fledged teacher.

    By working hard and always looking for the latest developments in technology, I also gave media literacy lessons at the Van Maerlantlyceum, I was an ELO coordinator (Moodle), became a Google innovator and together with my colleague at the time set up the Art & Technology course. My last trick here was building a Fablab.

    After having worked here with great freedom and pleasure for 16 years, I thought it was time for a new challenge. In 2016 I moved to the SintLucas VMBO in Eindhoven to work as an MVI coordinator. A job that turned out to be something different for me as I had in mind, innovation in education always takes me a little too long. In the two years that I have been working here, I have been able to work with very nice students and I have met fantastic colleagues.

    August 2018 – present: I continue my teaching career at the Summa College in the departments of Mechatronics and International Engineering. I actively promote this 4 days a week and this is a conscious choice. Why? DOBOT Robotics has also found me and I simply fell in love to this small, but widely applicable form of Robotics.

    At least 1 day a week (currently), I want to give everyone who wants to get started with Technology, Makereducation or who wants to experience a fun day of inspiration, a cool, enjoyable and educational day. Check which DOBOT Workshops you can contact me for.

    I developed these Workshops and the FREE lessons with the DOBOT coordinate board as a base together with Maurits Brock. Free? Yes, we believe that everybody should participate!

    Curious or more info? Just contact me. I’ll get back to you the soonest.

    With inspiring regards, Jorg

  • A piece of history

    Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co. Ltd. was established in July 2015 in Shenzhen (China) by 5 passionate Robotics engineers. Their mission: the development and improvement of robotic arms for a wide audience.

    Thanks to a funding program via kickstarter, the DOBOT Magician V1, the first generation DOBOT Robotic Arm was presented worldwide in 2015 and was a great success immediately.

    2 years later, after the introduction of the DOBOT Magician V2, i-comfort started in December 2017 with the distribution of DOBOT products within Europe. Intelligent controls, powerful motorization, a flexible body and the many expansion possibilities make it an unrivaled success inside and outside the education market to this day.

    The basic assembly units are all independently developed and are protected by international patents, model patents and copyright register certificates.

    DOBOT can be controlled easily and with the greatest precision using an App or PC, but also thanks to the DOBOT Arduino AI Kit with leapmotion, gesture, voice and vision control.

    DOBOT Magician is a technical all-rounder for every budget.

    DOBOT M1 starts a whole new era. Multi-purpose, suitable for a broad market.

    2020: Our youngest member DOBOT CR6-5 will surprise everyone; no more programming, but complex actions are performed even smarter by this Cobot.

    We have been able to make a huge kickstart thanks to investors from industry, research companies, education and individuals and you can enjoy this too.

    Welcome to the world of DOBOT.

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