• DOBOT 3D printed train

    3D Assembly Assignment "Steam Train"
    GS1 08720165971190

  • 3D Assembly Assignment "Steam Train"

    3D-printed train (incl. drawings for reproduction), handouts and digital material.

    With this assembly assignment all settings of the Robot Arm are covered. This assignment simulates an assembly line and helps students understand how actions follow each other logically and they can be set up as effectively as possible.

    The assignment is completed when the entire train has been built and reassembled in the designated places. After this, the script can be run to continue endlessly.

    Train comes with the drawings for reproduction so you can make several sets yourself. The DOBOT Coordinate Board serves as the basis (not included).

  • Steam train

    Rectangle large
    50 x 130 mm Rectangle small
    40 x 120 mm Cabin
    50 x 55 mm Motor compartment
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