DOBOT Robot Vision Kit II

  • DOBOT Robot Vision Kit II

    in the land of the blind...
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    In addition to some examples of the software applications for basic robot vision, we also offer the source code with which you learn robot-related software development.

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  • DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides a basic software and hardware platform based on visual development. With the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of visual applications including visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition.

  • Support Third-Party Customization , Strong Compatibility

    Compatible with DOBOT Magician, DOBOT M1, the Dobot Robot Vision Kit provides varies types of SDK interfaces, building-block style development, and strong scalability. The vision kit supports GigEVision, USB3Vision protocol standards, and a variety of cameras of different brands can be directly connected.

  • Abundant Visual Tools, Powerful Functions

    With over a thousand of image processing operators, high-performance algorithms, and powerful visual analysis tool library, the Dobot Robot Vision Kit enables users to quickly set up a machine vision application system and fulfill their needs in different experimental projects and applications.

  • Friendly and Easy-to-use Interface

    The Dobot Vision Studio supports graphical interactions, drag-and-drop operations, and visual development. The configuration setup process is simple and flexible while the Backstage and Output interfaces can be easily customized.

  • Intuitive and Effective Teaching Demos

    Abundant teaching demos including color recognition, barcode recognition, character recognition, measurement, calibration, alignment, image processing, etc., are provided along with the Dobot Vision Studio to help users understand the basics and operation principles of the Dobot Robot Vision Kit clearly and intuitively.

  • HD camera of industrial quality

    Product number
    Sensor size
    Sensor type
    Effective pixels
    5 miljoen
    Pixel size
    2.2 x 2.2um
    Frame Rate / Resolution
    31 @ 2592 x 1944
    Dynamic range
    Curtain exposure
    Exposure (time)
    bayer: 16us-1s ander formaat: 28us-1s
    Exposure (operation)
    29 x 29 x 30 mm
    Data interface
    Operating temperature
    0 ~ 50℃
  • Auxiliary light source clear white

    Product number
    Light color
    Number of LEDs
    48 LED's
    Light intensity
    Traploos instelbaar, bereik ~ 100% Kleurtemperatuurconstante
    455– 457.5nm
    Output voltage
    12 V
    Output power
    3.5 – 5 W
    Operating distance
    35 – 110mm
    Specification size
    interne diameter:40mm
    externe diameter:70mm, hoogte:25mm
    Outer diameter of the lamp housing
    Operating temperature:
    temperatuur:0 ~ 40℃
    Storage temperature:
    temperatuur:-20 ~ 40℃
    luchtvochtigheid:20 ~85%RH
  • 6 mega pixel 12mm Fixed Focus Lens

    Maximum image size
    Opening: Manueel
    Focuspunt: Manueel
    Object size
    16.5(H)cm×12.4(V)cm 2/3"
    Viewing angle
    D 41.2°
    H 34.4°
    V 23.4°
    Operating temperature
    -20℃ - +50℃
    Optical Distortion
    Flange Back Focus
    17.526 mm
    Recent Shooting Distance
    0.06 mm
    C bevestiging
    Filter size
    M27 x 0.5mm
    φ 29 × 35.36 mm
  • DOBOT Robot Vision Kit Shipping list

    • Fixed Baseboard

      • BaseBoard Size: 560 x 220 x 7 mm
      • WorkSpace: 205 x 118 mm
    • Industrial camera lens

    • Pedestal of Extention Rod

    • Camera Light Kit

      • Power adapter x1
      • Light source x1
    • Building blocks

      • Red building block x 10
      • Yellow building block x 10
      • Blue building block x 10
      • Green building block x 10
    • Extension bar x2

    • C Type Camera bracket

    • Black and white calibration board

    • Industrial camera and USB

    • Tool package

      • Screws x 18
      • Nut x 6
      • Gasket x 6
      • 2.5 / 5 / 6mm Wrench x 2
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DOBOT Robot Vision Kit II

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