Bin Picking

Powered by Dobot’s proprietary 3D vision and AI deep learning technologies, our cobots intelligently plan operating paths to accurately pick out target objects. Efficiency is 30% higher compared to traditional automation with sorted object picking.

Easy set up. No modeling needed

Cobots are equipped with 3D vision and AI technologies to instantly identify the shape of target objects. There is no need to pre-scan the environment for modeling or pre-sort the objects. Cobots can easily pick out an object from a pile, just like a human. This makes the loading process a breeze.

Accurately identifies objects in complex environment

Cobots can quickly identify the size, color, shape and location information of the target objects in unsorted, layered, shaded condition with 90% accuracy.

Intelligent planning for swift response

Based on the information collected from target objects, cobots optimize paths and approaching angles to pick out the objects and place them to specified destination. Skip the teaching and get it running right away.