Mech-Mind Mech-Eye PRO Industrial 3D Camera

  • Mech-Mind Mech-Eye PRO Industrial 3D Camera

    Designed for Various Industrial Scenarios

  • Mech-Mind Mech-Eye PRO Industrial 3D Camera

    The high performance Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera is designed for various industrial scenarios. It can also generate high resolution, accurate and detail-rich 3D models of a variety of objects. Multiple model options to choose from to satisfy diverse practical needs such as ambient light resistance, high accuracy, high scanning speed and small size.

    Product Highlights

    Highly intelligent:
    Efficiently deals with complex working conditions such as various types of workpieces, light glare and under exposure to generate high quality images.

    Durable and reliable:
    The Mech-Eye industrial 3D camera provides IP65 water and dust protection and is CE, FCC, VCCI, and RoHS certified. It can operate for a long period of time in harsh environments with dust, vibration, humidity, electromagnetic interference, and high temperature.

    Easy to use:
    Supports multiple languages and SDK platforms. Works with Mech-Vision software and Mech-Viz programming software. Plug and play with various robot models.

    Competitive performance and pricing.
    Complete product line up: Choose the camera model based on task needs.


    Traditional application scenarios including bin picking, loading/unloading, gluing/spraying, depalletizing, assembly, welding, screwdriving, defect detection and high precision measuring.


    • IP65 rated
    • CE, FCC, VCCI and RoHS certified
    • Select camera models are certified with MTBF of 40,000 hours
  • Specifications

    Camera Models Supported
    Mech-Eye LSR Series
    Max Recommended Payload
    Mech-Eye PRO Series
    Grip Force
    Mech-Eye NANO Series
    Mech-Eye UHP Series
    Mech-Eye DEEP Series
    Mech-Eye LOG Series
    Vision Software
    Mech-Vision Machine Vision Software
    Mech-Viz Robot Programming Software
    Mech-DLK Deep Learning Software
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Mech-Mind Mech-Eye PRO Industrial 3D Camera

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