ROBOTIQ Electric Gripper EPick

  • ROBOTIQ Electric Gripper EPick

    Vacuum Suction Cup with No Air Supply

    • Electrical vacuum pump extracts air out. Suction cup positions are adjustable.
    • Comes with drop detection functionality.
    • The input filter prevents any dust larger than 200 μm from getting inside the pump.
    • Suction cups with integrated filter can be used to reduce dust accumulation. The exhaust must not be blocked.
  • ROBOTIQ Electric Gripper EPick

    EPick features a built-in electrical vacuum pump and comes with one or more suction cups configurations. Air nodes link the air tubes to the suction cups in order to customize the entire system to application needs.

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    Energy Source
    Maximum Recommended Payload
    16 kg
    Gripping Time
    150 ms
    Gripping Mass (Including Coupling)
    710 g
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ROBOTIQ Electric Gripper EPick

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