• Seer AMB Series

    Mapping, Positioning, Navigation and more

  • Seer AMB Series

    The AMB Series has a maximum 500 kg load capacity and offers expansion interfaces to work with third party software and dispatching systems. The AMB is capable of a variety of tasks. Users can easily deploy and manage hundreds of AMB units at once, greatly improves logistics efficiency in factories.

    Product Highlights

    • Core features include mapping, positioning, navigation and more
    • ±5 mm navigation accuracy
    • Laser SLAM algorithm is used to achieve ±5 mm repeatability. Works seamlessly with other connected devices to efficiently transport cargo between stations. (Actual accuracy may vary depending on environment conditions.)
    • Simple deployment and management
      Complete software suite allows for robot control, schedule and data management. Compatible with third party MES to enable smart logistics.
    • Reliable navigation
      Autonomous navigation uses combinations of laser SLAM, laser reflector and QR codes to ensure task completion.

    Application Scenarios

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Semiconductor
    • Consumables
    • Component Processing
    • Telecommunication
  • Seer AMB Series

    Load Capacity
    150 - 500 kg
    Positioning Accuracy
    ±5 mm
    Navigation Speed
    ≤1.4 m/s ≤1.0 m/s
    Navigation Method
    Laser SLAM
    Battery Spec
    48V / 35Ah (Ternary lithium)
    48V / 52Ah (Ternary lithium)
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Seer AMB Series

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