DOBOT Customized Workshop

  • DOBOT Customized workshop

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    In this Custom Workshop you learn more about the input and output ports of the DOBOT Magician so that you can also get started with sensors, conveyor belts, sliding rails or vision cameras. Do you have the wish to do more with AI and have you purchased the AI ​​starter kit or the Arduino AI kit, let us know and we will provide you with the specific support you require. Do you want to participate in a national or even global competition with your study? Please report this and we will work with you in the run-up to the best preparation.

    The course takes 1 day part. Our trainer takes 1 extra DOBOT Magician with him. The advice is to follow the training with no more than 2 people per DOBOT Magician.

    Costs for this workshop on location 899.00 EURO incl. VAT (excluding contribution to travel costs) and applies to a maximum group size of 4 people.

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DOBOT Customized Workshop