• Conveyor Belt

    500 g
    Effective delivering distance
    600 mm
    Maximum speed
    120 mm/s
    Maximum acceleration
    1100 mm/s²
    Net Weight
    4.2 kg
    Weight (including packing)
    5.34 kg
    700 mm × 215 mm × 60 mm
  • Distance measuring sensor unit

    Measurable range
    20 ~ 150 mm
    Analog Output
    4.5 - 5.5 V
  • Color recognizing snesor unit

    20 ~ 150 mm
    Detectable: non-glowing object
    White LED embedded, on/o controllable
  • DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit Verzendlijst

    • Mini Conveyor Belt

    • Photoelectric switch

    • Color Sensor

    • Toolkit

      • (1) M4/M5 Hexrench Included X1
    • Assembly Instructions

      • (1) Wood Cube X40
      • (2) Demo Positioning Board X1
      • (3) User Manual X1
    • The package include: Mini conveyor belt, Photoelectric switch, Color sensor, Toolkit and Attachment
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DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit

1) Check the present software firmware and the version of Dobot Studio whether they support the color sensor or not.

2) The distance between color sensor and wood blocks shouldn’t be too long or too short, it had better in the range of 5~10 mm.

3) Check the pre-setting color sensor interface and the actual interface is consistent or not.

4) If the above mentioned methods are noneffective, please open the blockly module, and run the test program below. Check the reading data in Running Log which is on the right, and you should change a color sensor if the reading data is abnormal.

Take a close look at the color of indicator light. The yellow indicates the next running of Dobot arm is limited, and you should modifies its position point.

Open the blockly module, and run the test program below to check the photoelectric sensor is normal or not. If there’s no barriers in front of photoelectric sensor, the value will be 0; otherwise, the value will be 1.


1)If you choose the Interface GP2 in blockly module, and the sensor should be connected onto the Interface GP2 on Dobot arm correspondingly.

2)You can use the spin button on the back of photoelectric sensor to adjust its sensing distance. Clockwise (C.W.) spinning means making the distance longer and anticlockwise spinning means making the distance short. If the data of sensor is always 1 or 0, you can try to deal the problem by slightly spinning it.

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DOBOT Conveyor Belt Kit


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