DobotBlock in a minute and a half

8 February 2022

A summary of 1.5 minutes of the programming part with DobotBlock of the electronic learning environment for the elective course Robotics for pre-vocational secondary education.

DobotBlock is the graphical programming environment for the Dobot Magician and is similar to the Scratch programming environment.
Robotics is an exploratory elective in pre-vocational secondary education with the aim of providing a realistic picture
of the developments and possibilities of Robotics.

There is also interest in basic robotics lessons in the lower years of HAVO and VWO.
More and more schools are deciding to offer the (elective) Robotics based on a future-oriented vision. offers an electronic learning environment with which the foundation can be laid. In a clear and interactive way, the skills that are important for students are explained step by step and on the basis of many video instructions.

In this way they learn skills in electronics, problem solving and programming.

Go to the demo environment here and request a free demo account.