Standard Robots Oasis Series

  • Standard Robots Oasis Series

    Industrial Grade Laser SLAM Navigation
    Medium Class Indoor Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • Standard Robots Oasis Series

    The Oasis series is equipped with diagonal dual lidars, 3D vision sensors, safety bumpers, and proximity sensors, making it capable of detecting 360 degrees near-ground objects or ground obstacles and decelerates to complete stop automatically. This makes human-robot collaboration possible as well as increases safety.

    This series supports a maximum payload of 1200 kg and a laser positioning accuracy of ±10 mm. SLAM navigation technology automatically maps the surrounding, making environment adjustments unnecessary. The robot adapts to various work environments to satisfy the needs for flexible production.

    Product Highlights

    • Safety protection
    • Flexible deployment
    • Adaptive to environment
    • Robot management
    • Short payback period
    • Smart dispatch


    • Semiconductor
    • Consumer electronics
  • Standard Robots Oasis Series

    Maximum Payload
    180 - 1200 kg
    Positioning Accuracy
    ±10 mm
    Navigation Speed
    1.5 - 2 m/s
    Navigation Method
    Laser SLAM
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Standard Robots Oasis Series

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