LamaBot GlamBot App 1 year license

  • LamaBot GlamBot App 1 year license

    The GlamBot app has multiple pre-programmed movements that can be started at the touch of a button,

    dslrBooth will control all robot movements, record it, download the video, process it and is ready to share it instantly with your audience.

  • What is a GlamBot?

    A GlamBot is a high-speed camera mounted on a robotic arm used to take glamor photos and videos on the red carpet. Film professional shoots just like at the Grammy Awards and Golden Globes.

    Equipped with smart software, it is possible to film moving images and then edit them in Hollywood style.

    What do I need for my own GlamBot?

    • You need a robotic arm with multiple (6) joints for a completely free range of motion.
    • A camera that supports 240 fps.
    • A software package such as the dslrBooth app to control the robot and record and edit videos.
    • Professional lighting to capture the best quality images.
    • A TV display to show the edited videos that have been created. We recommend using LumaShare for this.