• Kunwei KWR75B

    Highly Integrated
    Multi-Axis Force Sensor

  • Kunwei KWR75B

    The KWR75B 6-axis force sensor is a highly integrated force sensor with built-in high precision electric circuits which can measure and export forces and torque data in orthogonal axes. The sensor has excellent reliability and consistency.

    Product Highlights

    • 6-axis joint calibration to sufficiently supresses interferences.
    • Built-in high precision data collection and calculation system.
    • Made with aircraft grade alloy with high overload, durability and sensitivity.


    • Force control scenarios in various industries.
    • Widely used in drag-to-teach, automated testing, medical testing, safety protection, vehicle testing, consumer electronics testing, cutting and polishing and in the aviation sector.
  • Kunwei KWR75B

    Payload Range
    Fx/Fy/Fz 200N
    Mx/My/Mz 8N·m
    Minimum Resolution
    0.03% FS
    Product Weight
    0.28 kg
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Kunwei KWR75B

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