• DOBOT Mooz 3

    The Most Effective Color Mixing 3D Printer
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  • What’s Fascinating About DOBOT MOOZ - 3?

    The newly introduced modular color-mixing 3D printer MOOZ-3 features a delta structure and high printing efficiency. Equipped with a three-color print head, you can easily create mixed color printing artworks through the controller, by setting different feeding speed and printing time of the three differently-colored raw filaments.

    Two schemes of color-mixing in CMY color mode are at your will to 3D print the desirable color patterns. Quick assembly, easy-to-use controller and app, rich printing color pattern make MOOZ suitable for beginners, DIYers, educators and artists.

    It’s time to say good-bye to monotonous single-color printing and welcome more beautiful and colorful 3D printing models.

  • 3-in 1-out Mix Color Print Head that Prints at Fast Speed and High Efficiency

    Born for color-mixing 3D printing, MOOZ-3 shows super high efficiency and incredible fidelity. By using merely one 0.6mm nozzle, it provides you with very smooth and lifelike results. The 3-in 1-out mix color print head not only gives a rich mixture of color combination of the printing objects, but also brings forth high efficiency and ultra-fast printing speeds. Different colors will blend together perfectly so that you create multi-color objects without encountering any trouble.

  • Two Printing Schemes of Mixing Colors in CMY Color Mode at Your Will

    MOOZ-3 enables you to print up to 3 different colored filaments in CMY color mode at the same time. It supports two color-mixing methods: multi-color switching and gradient mixing, unleashing all the potentials of colorful printing. Compared to RGB, CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) ensures that the printing colors are consistent with the design. You can get blending color or mix color for one printing project, completely inspiring the artist in you!

  • Freshly Upgraded Glass Heated Bed and Firmware to Print Evener and Faster Than Ever

    Mooz-3 heated bed is now made out of glass, providing an evener base for the printing projects and leading to better and finer results. With the auto shutdown and resume after power loss functions, you will no longer worry about electricity consumption and power failures. The maximum printing speed of MOOZ-3 can reach 100mm/s, greatly accelerating the printing process of large projects and saving your time!

  • Easy-to-use Controller and Mobile App Simplify the Printing Process to the Full Extent

    Just like MOOZ-1/2, MOOZ-3 is also equipped with a microcomputer controller accompanied by a screen display and support Wi-Fi. You can start the creating process by just one touch. With the simple yet useful MOOZ app, you can transfer G-Code files wirelessly and conveniently as long as your phone is connected with MOOZ-3 under the same network, sparing you all the trouble of setting the wiring or connecting a computer.

  • Parameters

    Overall Dimensions
    Φ350 * 325mm
    Adapter input
    100-240V~50/60Hz, 1.8A max
    Adapter output
    Main material
    aircraft grade aluminum
    Operation Panel
    3.5 'LCD touchpad
  • 3D printing

    Nozzle Diameter
    0,4 mm
    Layer Resolution
    0,05 ~ 0,3 mm
    Nozzle Temperature
    260 ℃
    Heated bed Temperature
    100 ℃(at 20℃ ambient temperature)
    Forming Size
    Applicable Materials
    1.75mm PLA, ABS
    Print speed
    Operating temperature

Plan & mailing list

  • Items Content
  • 250g PLA Filament 3
  • Extruder 3
  • Filament Support 3
  • Several M3x6 hex Screws
  • Several M3x8 hex Screws
  • L-type Hex Screwdrive 1
  • Printer Head Control Board 1
  • 8-core Cable 2
  • PTFE Pipe (Extra for spare) 3
  • Identical Linear Actuators 3
  • Printer Head Module 1
  • Base + Main Control Board + Heated Bed 1
  • 12V Power Adapter 1
  • Extruder Motor Power Cable 3
  • USB 2.0 Cable (A-Male to B-Male) 1
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DOBOT Mooz 3

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