DOBOT ES01 Electric Suction Cup

  • DOBOT ES01 Electric Suction Cup

    Small electric vacuum suction cup,
    developed specifically for Magician E6
    EAN 6150409664663

  • DOBOT ES01

    Teaching simulation suitable for small component loading and unloading, handling, palletizing, processing, packaging and other applications.

    • Convenient to deploy:Adopting an integrated design, it is compatible with Magician E6 terminal aviation plugs. With the function of plug and play, it eliminates cumbersome wiring.
    • REasy to use:The DobotStudio Pro operating platform provides direct control and Blockly block programming, making it easy to use and supporting efficient Lua script programming.
    • Compact and user-friendly:Compact in size, no need for external air supply, low in operating noise, easily meeting teaching needs.
    • Flexible in expansion:The suction nozzle supports quick disassembly and can be expanded to connect multiple suction nozzles, adapting to more application scenarios.
  • DOBOT ES01

    External Dimensions (L*W*H)
    74mm * 65mm * 65mm
    250g *
    Maximum Load
    Vacuum Degree
    Maximum Air Flow
    Communication Mode
    Operating Noise
    Rated Voltage
    DC 24V
    Rated Power
    * Due to factors such as the shape of the object, frictional force on the contact surface, and the center of gravity of the object, the load may fluctuate slightly. If you have any questions, please contact us for consultation.
    * Product images, parameters, and other information are for reference only. Dobot may update the above content. Please refer to the actual product and product manual for specific information.
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DOBOT ES01 Electric Suction Cup

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