DOBOT 2020 Competitie kit – University – MBO+

  • DOBOT 2020 Competition kit

    University - MBO+

    1. DOBOT Magician 2x
    2. AI Starter 1x
    3. Conveyor Belt 1x
    4. Competition Work Space (University – MBO+) x1
    5. Folding box x1
    6. Color sensor/Photoelectric sensor x2
    7. Robotic arm Arduino control box x1
    8. Xbee sensor x2
    9. Cover x1
    10. Vision Sensor x1
    11. Other items (Color cube,cable,screws,labels,etc)

    Dimensions: 1500 x 2400 mm

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  • Intelligent manufacturing Challenge - Transport Challenge

    In this way we simulate the production scene in intelligent manufacturing, and the intelligent program controls the cooperation between the robot and the intelligent car to complete the loading, unloading and sorting of materials. After the intelligent unmanned trolley is transported according to the material category, it is unloaded to the corresponding areas.

  • Competition Site for University Group

    The competition site is 2400mm × 1500mm and is divided into garbage storage area, garbage transit area, robot placement area, garbage collection area, vehicle starting area, and vehicle loading area. The garbage storage area is 200mm × 150mm and 40 garbage are randomly placed in this area. The garbage transit area are 200mm × 140mm; the robot storage area is 158mm × 158mm. There are 3 garbage collection
    stations of 250mm × 180mm and a yellow (dry) garbage collection station of Φ1 50mm. The vehicle starting area is 250mm × 200mm and the vehicle loading area 380mm × 200mm.

  • DOBOT 2020 Competitie kit - University - MBO+ Distribution list

    • Map

    • Pixy2 Vision Kit

    • Fence*3

    • Semi-cylindrical Obstacle

    • Tipping bucket module Accessory Kit (with 4 screws)

  • DOBOT 2020 Competition kit - Universal Distribution list

    • Robotic arm Arduino control box

    • Tipping bucket moduleAccessory Kit (with 4 screws)

    • XBee adapter(with Mini USB cable for XBee adapter )

    • XBee communication module*2

    • Block package (40 blocks)

    • Photoelectric sensor bracket

    • Photoelectric sensor

    • 4Pin cable

    • Color sensor

    • Battery case*2

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DOBOT 2020 Competitie kit – University – MBO+

DOBOT 2020 Competition Kit - Primary School - PO+DOBOT 2020 Competition Kit - Middle School - VODOBOT 2020 Competition Kit - High School - VO+DOBOT 2020 Competition Kit - University - MBO+