DOBOT 2019 Competition Work Space – Middle School – VO

  • DOBOT 2019 Competition Work Space

    Middle School - VO

    1. DOBOT Magician
    2. AI Starter
    3. IR sensor
    4. Photocell sensor
    5. RGB (color) sensor
    6. XBee module
    7. VO Competition Training Field

    Size: 150 x 240cm

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  • Intelligent manufacturing Challenge - Transport Challenge

    In this way we simulate the production scene in intelligent manufacturing, and the intelligent program controls the cooperation between the robot and the intelligent car to complete the loading, unloading and sorting of materials. After the intelligent unmanned trolley is transported according to the material category, it is unloaded to the corresponding areas.

  • Task material specification

    • The size of the task material is 25mm*25mm*25mm, and the colors are red, blue and green.
    • The number of materials in the primary school group is 12; in the junior high school and high school groups, there are 16 and the number of materials in the university group is 40.
    • The team needs to complete as many wood loading and transportation tasks as possible as soon as possible within the specified time.
  • Competition Mission

    Tasks: 16
    Competition time: 10 minutes

    It is necessary to identify the material color. The robot arm is responsible for completing the loading, material color identification, handling, loading tasks, and the trolley is responsible for material transportation and unloading tasks.

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DOBOT 2019 Competition Work Space – Middle School – VO

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