• DH Robotics PGC-140-50

    Gripper for DOBOT Nova Series & CR Series

    • Integrated design
    • Adjustable parameters
    • Self-locking function
    • Smart feedback
    • Fingertips can be replaced
    • IP67
  • PGC Series

    Collaborative Electric Parallel Gripper

    PGC Series

    DH-Robotics PGC series of collaborative parallel electric grippers is an electric gripper mainly used in cooperative manipulators. It has the advantages of high protection level, plug and play, large load and so on. The PGC series combines precision force control and industrial aesthetics. In 2021, it won two industrial design awards, the Red Dot Award and the IF Award.

    High protection level
    The protection level of PGC series is up to IP67, so the PGC series is able to work under harsh conditions such as machine tending environment.

    Plug & Play
    PGC series supports plug & play with most collaborative robot brands on the market which is easier to control and program.

    High load
    The gripping force of the PGC series could reach 300 N, and the maximum load can reach 6 kg, which can meet more diverse gripping needs.


    1. Bottom installation: use bottom screw holes for installation

    Technical Drawings

  • Product Parameters

    Gripping force (per jaw)
    40~140 N
    50 mm
    Recommended workpiece weight
    3 kg
    Opening/Closing time
    0.6 s/0.6 s
    Repeat accuracy (position)
    ± 0.03 mm
    Noise emission
    < 50 dB
    1 kg
    Driving method
    Precision planetary reducer + Rack and pinion
    138.5 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm
    Communication interface
    Standard: Modbus RTU (RS485), Digital I/O Optional: TCP/IP, USB2.0, CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
    Vertical Maximum Force
    Allowable Moment
    Mx: 7 N·m
    My: 7 N·m
    Mz: 7 N·m
  • Working Environment

    Rated voltage
    24 V DC ± 10%
    Rated current
    0.4 A
    Peak current
    1 A
    IP class
    IP 67
    Recommended environment
    0~40°C, under 85% RH
    CE, FCC, RoHS
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DH Robotics PGC-140-50

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