• DH Robotics CGI-100-170

    Electric Centric Gripper
    for DOBOT Nova Series & CR Series

    • Integrated design
    • Adjustable parameters
    • Fingertips can be replaced
    • Self-locking
    • Smart feedback
    • IP40
  • CG Series

    Electric Centric Gripper

    CG Series

    The CG series is a three-finger centric gripper independently developed by DH-Robotics. The three-finger gripping method can better cope with the grasping task of cylindrical workpieces. The CG series is available in a variety of models for a variety of scenarios, stroke and end devices.

    High performance
    Realize high-precision centering and grasping, the process structure meets the requirements of high rigidity, and the energy density exceeds that of similar products.

    Long Lifetime
    Continuous and stable work above 10 millions times without maintenance.

    Overload protection
    The high-performance servo motor can provide instantaneous overload protection.


    Accurate and stable grasping of cylindrical workpieces
    in the fields of auto parts, automation equipment,
    precision machining and assembly, etc.


    1. Front and rear installation: use front and rear screw holes for installation
    2. Side installation: use side screw holes for installation
    3. Bottom installation: use bottom screw holes for installation

    Technical Drawings

  • Product Parameters

    Gripping force (per jaw)
    30~100 N
    Recommended gripping diameter
    φ40~φ170 mm
    Recommended workpiece weight
    1.5 kg
    Opening/Closing time
    0.5 s/0.5 s
    Repeat accuracy (position)
    ± 0.03 mm
    Noise emission
    < 50 dB
    1.5 kg
    Driving method
    156.5 mm x 124.35 mm x 116 mm
    Communication interface
    Standard: Modbus RTU (RS485), Digital I/O
    Optional: TCP/IP, USB2.0, CAN2.0A, PROFINET, EtherCAT
  • Working Environment

    Rated voltage
    24 V DC ± 10%
    Rated current
    0.4 A
    Peak current
    1 A
    IP class
    IP 40
    Recommended environment
    0~40°C, under 85% RH
    CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Features

    Build-in Controller
    Gripping Force Adjustable
    Position Adjustable
    Speed Adjustable
    Drop Detection
    Self-locking Mechanism
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DH Robotics CGI-100-170

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