The welding software package turnkey solution deploys a full range of DOBOT CR series robotic arms to perform laser and arc welding. It combats multiple challenges of manual welding, including working in a hazardous environment, difficulty maintaining a high level of accuracy, and additional time and money for downtime. Dobot automated welding software package enhances efficiency in a rapid shift in diverse product lines, saving time and additional costs for automation.

Dobot Automated Welding Software Package Reaches Reliable Quality

The Dobot welding software package makes the welding process easy to program and operate. It is adaptable to multiple welding machines and supports a 3D vision system to make welding more accurate.

Change the robotic arm’s location with one button click and achieve human-robot collaboration, improve work efficiency, and increase sustainability and safety with no programming of a welding robot skills required.

Enables simple programming options

The solution provides drag-and-drop teaching, tablet teaching, and easy-to-learn graphics programming. Users can drag and drop the welding robot arm to generate trajectories rapidly and then perform different welding operations via simple robotic welding programming.

Compatible with various welding machines and material types

Matches aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel for laser welding, while arc and carbon steel in arc welding. The solution supports WeldTec, Aotai, Megmeet, OTC, and other manufacturers of welding equipment.

Ensures safe welding operations to achieve error-free human-robot collaboration

The robotic arm will stop welding in case of emergency stops or pauses. It also supports a collision detection feature, reducing the risk of a dangerous hazardous welding environment.

Supports 5 various weaving patterns to meet diverse welding needs

Dobot cobot welding is compatible with linear, triangular, spiral, trapezoidal, and sinusoidal shapes to satisfy rich manufacturing taste.

Provides double station call waiting feature to save time and double welding efficiency

The automated welding software package ensures time-saving and efficient welding performance. It allows to avoid robotic welding downtime and ensure a fast welding process.

Supports wide industrial scope
Adopt robotic welding to meet the increasing demand for Industry 4.0, including automotive, consumer electronics, kitchenware, shipbuilding, and other industries.