The DOBOT Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robot (AMMR) combines cutting edge SLAM, laser navigation, and human machine interaction technologies to realize transportation and pick-and-place capabilities, featuring precise navigation, proactive safety measures, easy to use software, and is safe for collaborations with humans. Combined with accessories from our ecosystem partners, the AMMR can perform tasks such as wafer transportation, loading & unloading to multiple machines, power inspection and more, to improve logistics efficiency in industrial scenarios.

Faster Calibration with Vision Sensors

Proprietary 2.5D spatial compensation technology for accurate positioning. High resolution cameras to achieve positioning accuracy up to ±0.5 mm. Integrated with Dobot+ accessories for easy calibration and positioning.

Better Protection with Safety Features

Two lidars for 360-degree scan to ensure safety. Dual encoders monitor the movement of AMMR, and stop motors when threshold is exceeded. ISO 3691-4:2020, ISO Class 5 Cleanroom, CE-MD, CE-EMC, CE-RED certified.

Precision Navigation for Efficient Performance

Embedded laser SLAM algorithm achieves navigation accuracy up to ±5 mm. Maximum adjustable navigation speed up to 1.5 m/s

Easy to Use. Flexible to Deploy.

Works with the CR Series collaborative robots. Connects instantly to a variety of grippers and 2D/3D vision modules. Graphical user interface for map construction. Completes route construction in 5 minutes.