Cobot’s adaptive polishing achieves better results than manual labor. With adaptive force control, cobots can adjust force applied as surface structure changes. The result is consistent polishing quality. Cobots fill an obvious gap left by traditional automated polishing solutions that lack flexibility, can complete complicated polishing tasks with efficiency and quality consistency. Have cobots do the polishing work and remove manual labor from harmful dusts and unbearable noise.

Auto Adjust Posture for Consistent Polishing Force

Powered by Dobot’s leading adaptive force control technology, cobots automatically adjust postures according to target surfaces for consistent polishing force. If target surface is moved, cobots can sense the new position of the surface and keep applying the same force. This ensures efficient polishing process and consistent resulting quality.

Simplified Installation Process for Faster Setup

Compared to traditional polishing stations, our adaptive polishing solution does not require target objects to be positioned precisely. This greatly simplifies equipments involved and the shortens deployment time.

Fewer Constraints Lead to More Applicable Scenarios

Cobot’s adaptive polishing can be applied to objects with complicated surfaces, even when the objects are in motion. Cobots can accurately track the moving object and apply consistent polishing force, which is not possible with manual labor.